Turkey vs Georgia: International Friendly Prediction, Odds, and Key Insights

Jun, 18 2024


On June 19, 2024, football fans will eagerly await the international friendly match between Turkey and Georgia. Set against the backdrop of the picturesque Ullevaal Stadion in Oslo, Norway, this encounter is more than just an exhibition match; it's an opportunity for both teams to sharpen their skills and gain momentum ahead of more competitive fixtures. Kick-off is scheduled for 18:00 BST, and although it's not a high-stakes encounter, national pride and team dynamics are firmly on the line.

Team Form and FIFA Rankings

Turkey enters the match ranked 37th in the FIFA rankings, a position they will look to uphold or improve. However, their recent form raises concerns. The Turkish side has suffered three consecutive defeats, losing to Wales (2-1), Croatia (2-0), and France (3-0) in their latest UEFA Nations League outings. These results have undoubtedly put pressure on their coach, Stefan Kuntz, to turn things around.

Georgia, ranked 83rd, has had a more inconsistent run. They've secured a commendable 3-1 victory over Bulgaria, a narrow 2-1 defeat to North Macedonia, and a goalless draw with Kosovo. Under the guidance of coach Willy Sagnol, the Georgian team will look to capitalize on Turkey's recent struggles and deliver a strong performance.

Odds and Predictions

When it comes to odds, Turkey is the clear favorite, quoted at 4/9 to win the match. Georgia, meanwhile, stands at 13/2, with odds of 11/4 for a draw. These odds reflect Turkey's higher ranking and general footballing pedigree. However, matches can often defy predictions, especially in the unpredictable realm of international friendlies.

Given Turkey's stronger squad and desperation to break their losing streak, many pundits are tipping them to secure a win. Nevertheless, Georgia's recent form shows that they should not be underestimated. A resilient performance from the underdogs could well lead to an upset, making for an exciting 90 minutes.

Key Players

Key Players

All eyes will be on Turkey's Cengiz Ünder, an immensely talented winger known for his pace and skill on the ball. Ünder has the ability to unlock defenses, making him a crucial player for Turkey. His performances will likely be pivotal if Turkey are to claim victory.

For Georgia, Khvicha Kvaratskhelia stands out as the man to watch. The young winger has been a revelation for his national team, consistently demonstrating his flair and attacking prowess. Kvaratskhelia has the talent to make a significant impact and will be central to Georgia's ambitions in the match.

Coaching Tactics

Stefan Kuntz, Turkey’s head coach, has been navigating through a turbulent period. Known for his tactical acumen, Kuntz is likely to deploy a formation that maximizes Turkey's attacking potential while shoring up their recent defensive frailties. Expect Turkey to press high and utilize quick, fluid transitions to unsettle Georgia's defense.

Conversely, Willy Sagnol will focus on creating a disciplined Georgian side. Defense will be paramount, but Georgia will also seek to exploit counter-attacks. Sagnol’s emphasis on structured play and exploiting Turkey's overcommitment forward could see Georgia pulling off surprise maneuvers.

Match Venue: Ullevaal Stadion

The Ullevaal Stadion in Oslo, Norway, provides a neutral yet invigorating venue for this friendly. With a seating capacity of over 28,000, the stadium's atmosphere could play a role in how the game unfolds. The pitch's quality and dimensions are up to international standards, ensuring the players can perform at their best.

Historical Context

Historical Context

Historically, Turkey and Georgia have not faced each other frequently. This rarity adds an extra layer of intrigue to the encounter. Both teams will be motivated to claim a psychological edge by securing a win and setting a precedent for any future matchups. Historical narratives become part of the competitive spirit, urging players to give their all.

Fan Expectations

Turkish fans, passionate and vocal, will be hoping their team can break the cycle of defeats. With each loss, expectations and anxieties grow, making this friendly an important psychological reset. A strong performance will be essential not just for the players' confidence but for fans who yearn for a return to winning ways. On the other side, Georgian supporters, while smaller in number on the international stage, are no less passionate. Their hope centers around a resilient, fighting performance, capable of showcasing the true potential of their national side.


The upcoming friendly between Turkey and Georgia promises to be an engaging spectacle. With Turkey seeking redemption from their recent losses and Georgia aiming to display consistency, the match holds much significance. Coaches Stefan Kuntz and Willy Sagnol will have their strategies in place, and key players Cengiz Ünder and Khvicha Kvaratskhelia will be the ones to watch. As both teams take to the field at Oslo's Ullevaal Stadion, fans can look forward to a tactical and entertaining battle. The friendly might not affect rankings significantly, but for the teams and their supporters, it represents an opportunity to build and improve.

So, mark your calendars for June 19, 2024, at 18:00 BST, and tune in for what promises to be a fascinating encounter between two proud footballing nations. Who will rise to the occasion? Only time will tell, as both Turkey and Georgia look to make their mark in Oslo.