Phil Foden Returns to England Squad After Welcoming New Baby Son

Jun, 28 2024

Phil Foden Returns to England Squad After Welcoming New Baby Son

Phil Foden, one of Manchester City's brightest football stars, has been the center of considerable attention recently. The 24-year-old midfielder was pictured rejoining the England squad at their training camp in Weimar, Germany, after a brief but significant departure. This return marks another milestone in his life, as he had just welcomed the birth of his third child, a baby boy, with his partner Rebecca Cooke, 22.

The Family Milestone

Foden had to leave England's Euro 2024 camp temporarily last Wednesday, citing a 'pressing family matter' as the reason for his departure. As it turns out, that pressing matter was none other than the arrival of his third child. Foden boarded a plane straight back to England immediately after England’s draw against Slovenia. He wanted to be there to support his childhood sweetheart, Rebecca Cooke, during this life-changing moment.

Rebecca, who has been by Foden’s side since their school days, had given birth to their new baby boy, adding another member to their loving family. The couple already share two children together: a five-year-old son, Ronnie, and a one-year-old daughter, True. The news of their growing family was first shared with well-wishers and fans during a lavish baby shower in April.

Congratulated by Teammates

On Thursday, Phil Foden re-boarded a plane to Germany, eager to rejoin his teammates and continue with their Euro 2024 campaign. The Football Association confirmed his temporary departure but was pleased to announce his return. A video posted by England's official X account showed fellow team members congratulating Foden on the birth of his new son, a moment that surely uplifted the morale of the squad.

It is a heartwarming spectacle as Phil rejoined the training session, exchanging joyful hugs and handshakes with his fellow players and staff. The video captured these emotional moments, highlighting the camaraderie and support that define this team.

Eyes Set on Slovakia Clash

Now back in training, Foden prepares for England's upcoming last-16 clash against Slovakia scheduled for Sunday. Although he has yet to score at Euro 2024, many are hopeful that the joy of this new chapter in his personal life might fuel his performance. Manager Gareth Southgate and the team are counting on Foden to bring his A-game as they move into the knockout phase of the tournament.

England fans eagerly await to see if this significant life event will translate into a stellar performance on the pitch. Despite not having found the net so far in this tournament, Foden’s skillset and form remain indispensable assets to the team. Coach Southgate has confidence that Foden will be a pivotal part of their strategy as they aim to progress further in Euro 2024.

The Road Ahead

Foden's return adds not only skill and depth to the team but also a wave of positivity and morale. This shared personal joy might just be the secret weapon England needs as they advance in the tournament. The team and the fans are all hoping that this personal triumph for Foden can boost his confidence and translate into match-winning performances on the pitch.

As we move closer to the match against Slovakia, all eyes are now on Foden and his ability to influence the game. His journey over the past week has showcased the balancing act that professional athletes often have to perform: managing personal commitments while aiming for professional excellence. This dual responsibility might not be easy, but it is certainly inspiring.


Phil Foden’s story resonates on multiple levels – it’s one of professional dedication, personal responsibility, and the unbreakable bond of family. His quick return to the training camp, just days after experiencing such a significant life event, demonstrates his commitment to both his own career and his national team. The coming days will reveal how this emotional high translates onto the football pitch. Until then, both the team and the fans can celebrate this joyous occasion along with Foden and eagerly await his next move in the competition.